Four steps to select a great leather backpack

Leather backpacks are  a fashion classic for several seasons and many brands have introduced this important accessory in their collections. What at the beginning was considered a complement associated with sports style, nowadays it is a very practical bag and more and more women choose it for their wardrobe, each girl adapting it to her personality. There are multiple variations, you just have to choose the leather backpack that best suits your style and start to enjoy the advantages that they offer, since adding to their visual appeal, they are very comfortable and versatile, what else do you want from your bag?

Your leather backpack will be your perfect ally to go to classes, shopping or when you ride a bike. Choose a tan leather backpack and combine it with jeans, sandals and sunglasses for a casual look. Or you can select a small backpack in black leather with stiletto shoes and a leather mini skirt as a look to go to the disco.

In you can find a large selection of leather backpacks for women. But, which is the right backpack for you? Depending on what you plan to carry and for how long, the answer can be as simple as choosing the style that you like, or as complicated as reviewing the configuration of the straps, closures and compartments. Today we give you some ideas and suggestions to simplify your purchase decision.

When can you use a leather backpack?

A backpack can be used, depending on its size, for all the activities that you must do during the day. These activities range from things like hiking or bike rides to things like traveling, going to classes or going out to parties. If you are buying a backpack on our page, check the primary use specifications on the product page to make sure that the bag you are considering is suitable for the activity you want to do.

How much weight can I carry?

It is not recommended that you carry on your back more than 10% – 15% of your body weight. Anything heavier can cause problems in the spine that get worse with age. This means that a 120 pounds girl must carry a maximum of 18 pounds. It is a good idea to keep the backpack volume to a minimum. If you do not have extra space, you will not fill it.

What kind of features should I look for?

If you are going to use your backpack to go to college or to work, the most important feature to look for in a backpack for these activities is an internal padded case, to protect your laptop or tablet. The bag should be the right size for your laptop and be padded on at least one side, as well as on the bottom.

The various compartments or pockets are also particularly useful for keeping pens or pencils, the phone, keys and other small items easily accessible. The side pockets come in several shapes – some have zippers, others are large enough to carry a bottle of water. Use the side pockets to place things you want to get quickly, without having to rummage through everything that you carry in the main compartment.

Almost any backpack that has more than one large compartment, will have an organizer panel in one of its smaller compartments. Sometimes you can have only a few small sleeves to place some pens, but sometimes it will also include a pocket just the right size for your cell phone. Often you will also find a clip so you do not have to worry about losing the keys in the depths of your backpack.

Adjusting the backpack

Having the right backpack is as important as carrying it properly. Make sure you do not use your backpack too high or too low. The bottom of the backpack should be about five centimeters above your waist. If you carry a lot of weight, try not to use your backpack on a single strap, like a shoulder bag, as it will affect your column in the long run.

Leather backpacks: the fashionable bag

Find the leather backpacks that you like the most and keep using them day or night. You can use them to go to work or to go dancing with your friends. If you are looking for a minimalist appearance, do not hesitate, get a rigid leather backpack, with a handle that allows you to carry it with one hand and combine it with a dark colored suit, a simple shirt and two-colored loafers in black and white You will look attractive and with a very cool image.

At Solo de Cuero| we love women’s leather backpacks with bright colors like fuchsia, for example. They will bring a special touch to your wardrobe and if you wear them with black fabric fisherman pants, a striped crop top and a beret, you will get the parisian chic look par excellence.