How to choose the ideal leather jacket

Leather jackets can not be missing in a woman’s closet. They give an informal and rebellious touch to any look, and at the same time they are elegant and chic. They are easy to combine and very versatile, they combine with everything..

But choosing a leather jacket is not an easy task. Before making a decision you must take into account the image you want to project when you wear it, on what occasions you will use it, if it is for a special event or is a “battle” piece, which you’ll use more often and in different circumstances. According to this you will choose the style of the jacket. Another very important factor that you must take into account is the type of body that you have and the way in which the jacket will adjust you to highlight your shape.

Leather jackets for women with triangular shape: narrow shoulders and broad hips

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo triangular.It is advisable that you direct attention towards the upper part, adding volume. Try a jacket with shoulder pads or one that has highlighted the part of the shoulders, for example, with a change of color or with finials.

Leather jackets for women with inverted triangular shape: more shoulders and less hips

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo triángulo invertido.In contrast to the previous ones, now what we now is to equalize the figure, diverting attention from the shoulders. It is convenient then that you try on jackets without shoulder pads and more fitted.

Leather jackets for women with hourglass figure: with shoulders and hips but thin waist

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo reloj de arena.If you have this type of body it is important to focus your attention on the waist, otherwise it may seem that you are a bit overweight. Then, avoid very tight jackets and those that are larger than yours. Rather look for a jacket that fits a little to your waist but whitout the impression that you have a corset.

Leather jackets for women with rectangular shape

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo rectangular.If your body is rather straight, without any really prominent part, the leather jacket you have to choose has to highlight some part of your body, to give it shape. A fitted jacket that also highlights the shoulders would be a great choice. The jackets with studded embellishments, with diagonal zip fasteners or wide shoulder pads can be very suitable for you.