How to choose and organize your wallet

Wallets are an essential item for dayly life, although many men do not give much importance to this accessory, but their model and the appropriate use that is given can speak very well about its owner.

It is possible that a similar situation has happened to you: you are at a business lunch and your correspondent takes out his wallet to cancel the account, without thinking much you see the wallet. If this one is thin and of good design, you consider that its owner is serious, and inspires you confidence. But if it’s one of those printed cloth wallets with a Velcro closure, like the ones you used in your adolescence, you start to doubt the maturity of your food partner.

If the wallet has already gone through better times, it has several years of use and the skin is already deteriorated, perhaps neither it nor its owner make a very good impression.

It happens the same way with its organization. Are you going to deposit your trust and give an important project to someone who carries a wallet full of old receipts and who takes several minutes to find his credit card?

Much of the impression we make on people is in the details. A quality, well-groomed and organized leather wallet can help you to be perceived as a careful, thoughtful, organized and tasteful person.

Below we give you eight tips to choose the right wallet and to organize it appropriately.

Tumi Men’s Delta L-Fold ID Wallet



Billetera de Cuero Bellroy Hide & Seek
Bellroy Hide & Seek Leather Wallet




How to choose your wallet:

1.  Only the essential

Now take your wallet out of your pocket and pour all its contents on a table. There you’ll see a stack of receipts, cards and credentials, photographs, credit cards and notes. Some of these documents have not been used for months, others are illegible. Make three piles. In the first you will place everything you use every day. Put in the second pile what should go inmedietely to the garbage (do not cheat, you don’t even remember whose phone number is that without any data its side … throw it away!). Put in the last pile everything else.

Once you have made your three piles, you must get to the idea that your wallet should only contain what is in the first pile. Surely it is your main identification, credit cards and insurance card. Yes, just that.

2. According to your needs

When you have done this, you can choose a wallet that suits your needs, not a wallet that you have to get used to. What will you do with a wallet with multiple compartments if you are only going to use three or four?

If you do not do this, you could buy something larger than you need and you will surely find a way to imperceptibly fill it. In a short time you end up with an uncomfortable and thick wallet. Choose if you want two or three folds.


Tommy Hilfiger Thin Sleek, Billetera plegable para hombre
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Thin Sleek Casual Bifold Wallet
Stealth Mode Belletera de tres pliegos
Stealth Mode Trifold Leather Wallet


3. Organize your cash

Do you travel abroad frequently? If so, it may be convenient to choose a wallet that has two compartments for the tickets, so you can separate them according to the currencies. There are even some that carry a detachable clip or bill clip, very practical for these cases.

Billetera con Clip YBONNE

4. Leather: the right material

Choose carefully the material of the wallet: as it happens with the rest of your clothes, its color and texture will tell a lot about your personality. Most wallets are made from leather, but this can vary in thickness, color and texture.

Billetera de Cuero Columbia

In order to choose the right wallet, think about how you dress for the daily routine and what kind of leather goes better with your personality and that way of dressing. It is not so frequent, but you can have two or three wallets, for example, one of “raw” leather to wear with jeans on weekends.

You must remember that leather needs cleaning and care (do not use bitumen or petroleum jelly to clean your wallet, the natural oil of eucalyptus suits well for most skins and allows them to maintain its shine).

How to organize you wallet:

1. Order the bills by their denominatio

This way you can pay in cash in a fast way, and you will always know how much money you have in your wallet. A very practical trick is to keep a high denomination bill in another compartment and only use it in case of a strict emergency.

2. Do not keep the coins there

The coins make the wallet look bulky and deteriorate the skin. Put the coins in your pocket and put them in a jar when you get home. So you also save without much effort.

3. Take your business cards with you

You should not miss a business opportunity because you don’t have your business cards at hand. Place four or five in a separate compartment with easy access. They are not necessary anymore, unless you go to a convention to a big event.

4. Act with prevention

Always carry in your wallet a business card of your boss, your wife or a close relative. Write on the back a very visible message that says “Call in case of emergency”. Print a card with your blood type and details of the products to which you are allergic or the medical treatments you follow. Plasticize it and take it in a visible compartment of your wallet.