Hot afternoon and cool night? No problem

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These days the heat is oppressive, so we propose this outfit with a black striped shirt and white shorts. Whether you have to attend to work matters or go for a walk, you’ll be comfortable and cool. A pair of white loafers and a nice Panama hat complement your look and you’ll look great. But you can cool off in the late afternoon and if you don’t have time to go home, you’ll be somewhat uncomfortable. There is a simple solution: put on a blazer, raise your sleeves and you’re ready to continue the fun.

Ready to go to the gym

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We agree that the important thing is not how we look when going to the gym, but the workout and physical exercise that we do. But that does not mean that we do not put on proper clothes and…  why not? that conceals our weak points and highlights our best attributes. Today we suggest you to wear this red hooded sweatshirt, which you can use with sweatpants or shorts. A good pair of comfortable sneakers completes your outfit. Keep everything in this excellent leather bag. Hey! do not forget your bottle to hydrate yourself.

If you go hiking

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It is very important that you keep in mind when hiking, that you will spend a lot of time walking, perhaps on unpaved trails, that is, in the middle of the mountain. So it will be very important that your footwear is suitable for this type of activity. The shoes must be waterproof, not slippery and resistant. Wear comfortable pants and a sweatshirt over a t-shirt. Protect your head from the sun with a hat and carry a shoulder bag or a backpack to put into it a bottle of water and sunglasses and save your sweatshirt if you feel hot.

Grey is the new Black

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Grey is the new black, at least that seems to be the trend dictated by the catwalks. Grey has replaced black in all its versions. Using avant-garde designs and combining it with very dark tones. A “slim fit” shirt with white polka dots and grey chinos goes well on any occasion. Complement your look with these suede Oxford shoes and sunglasses.

For a summer date

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The first image is the one that counts the most, for that reason (and although you don’t want to recognize it) you think very well what is the right outlook to wear on to that first date. Sure you would try long pants to look more formal and all about it, but with this look option consisting of navy shorts as the central axis, striped shirt and skate shoes in broken white to give a point of light, you will be just as nice.

To go for some drinks

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A relaxed and basic look is your best ally at the time of dressing for any plan this summer. The jeans are also for the heat and the Reebok Club C shoes have earned the status of icon since they were imposed on tennis courts in the 80s. And if you’re looking to surprise, nothing like this shirt printed in the most spectacular tropical style. This option is our favorite for the night, with dark jeans and a leather jacket. A biker style but with the fashionable shirt.

In the heat of summer

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Yes, summer is already here, and for this heat super short pants, that is, shorts that are halfway up the thigh, are the coolest. This season seems to pay tribute to nature and its elements: the white, gray and blue of the air, the blue of the water, the toasted and green of the earth.

This proposal takes a bit of all the above. Combine your shorts with a polo shirt in marine colors. The toasted colors are provided by the leather on the bracelet, the useful fanny pack and the sneakers, which must go without socks. The bucket hat will allow you to feel fresh in your outdoor activities.

Basic outfit for the office

Básico para la Oficina

Despite the new economic ventures in the world, there are still large corporations where a very executive dress code is maintained. If you must go formal to the office, this classic gray suit with a two-button jacket will make you look well. Complement it with Oxford shoes, an italian collar shirt and a red dots tie. Give it a personal touch with polarized sunglasses and you’ll be ready for another great day at work.

With true retro style

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Chelsea boots will always be a hit. They are a traditional piece that has achieved status as an icon in the history of men’s fashion. These boots were popular in the fifties as a symbol of rock & roll and today they continue creating a trend. Make them the basis of a modern outfit. Choose a Bomber style denim jacket and in combination with dress pants in similar shades. To complement it, wear a vertical striped shirt and a leather bracelet. The result is a set that makes an ode to retro, maintaining an avant-garde and perfect aesthetic for today’s gentleman.

To go shopping

Combinación para ir de compras

Going shopping requires being comfortable, but that’s not why you should walk around disheveled. A classic checkered shirt, pants with oblique pockets and derby style shoes with synthetic sole, make up this proposal, elegant and comfortable that will allow you to endure with class the hours of walking that involves visiting the malls. A classic watch with leather bracelet and a matching belt complement this outfit.