Bags for men. How to choose the most appropriate?

After several years as a student and many more as a teacher, my brain does not associate the beginning of a new year with the month of January, but with the fall. Whether you’re going back to college or simply want to renew your wardrobe after assuming a style fit for the hot, humid summer, fall is the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe.

And a good place to start would be to select among the different options of handbags for men that you will use every day.

But first, take a little time to consider how you are going to use your bag to make sure it is the right one. It is not a shirt or a pair of pants that you can change easily, it is very likely that day after day you are using the same bag.

So you want it to be something that you like that also has the functional elements to meet your transportation needs.

Choose a bag for everyday use

I believe that a good bag for everyday use is one of the ten essential elements of your wardrobe, so it is worth paying close attention to the selection process.

Just keep in mind that your decision ultimately comes down to what you like, not what others think is appropriate or fashionable.

Next, I propose some criteria to help you make your purchase.


Langzu Mens Genuine Leather Messenger Bag
Langzu Mens Genuine Leather Messenger Bag
Picchio Mens Genuine Brown Leather Laptop Bag
Picchio Mens Genuine Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Your job

It is not just that your profession determines some of the things you use, but that each job has a different environment that will influence your purchase decision.

If you’re a college student in a small city, a sophisticated black leather executive briefcase can be a bad choice. It is not only that it is an unusual accessory for a student, but that the materials are also more suitable for a professional in a large city.

A simple backpack, or a simple messenger bag without many ornaments could better meet your needs.

On the other hand, the aforementioned briefcase would be very suitable to work in an elegant financial center of the big city, where a backpack can generate some suspicious looks.


Likely, the place in the country you are in has some influence on the style of the everyday bag you choose.

For example, certain inspirations in the nautical style would be very appropriate for a city on the coast, but they would be completely out of place in a small town at the plains.

In a large city, elegant or striking designs are seen naturally, while small cities will embrace the classic and robust style.

A fashionable bag that may seem extravagant in a small town could go unnoticed in the streets of Miami or Houston.

What do you need to bring?

Beyond your profession, it is also important to consider your transportation needs.

Think about how will you use your bag throughout the day and what should you put into it.

If you go to the gym in the morning and do not return to your home, you’ll need something big enough to carry a change of clothes and maybe some food prepared at home.

It is possible that an art student needs to load with tools and materials from his residence on the third floor to the train, and then from building to building on campus.

On the other hand, for the minimalist who trusts everything to his tablet and smartphone, a backpack or a large bag would be an obstacle to his ease of movement and a distortion of his image.

Hands free?

I have always preferred to carry a bag in my hand instead of carrying it on my shoulders. I’m really not sure of the reason.

Maybe it’s the minimalist part of my brain that appreciates not carrying more than I can easily carry in one hand. It may be a subconscious motivation to avoid having a sweaty back or shoulders like it does when using a backpack or a messenger bag.

But recently I discovered that, although aesthetically and psychologically more pleasant, devoting fifty percent of my hands to the only task of carrying a bag is not always the best option.

It must be a little uncomfortable to stand on a crowded public transport during rush hour, forced to juggle a briefcase and a cup of coffee, clinging for your life to the handle while the bus driver viciously turns through traffic. It would be much easier if you carry a messenger bag or a backpack.

So, if you often walk long distances with your bag or need to carry other things, consider buying a bag that allows you to be “hands-free”.

Style preferences

After all the other factors help you determine the functional characteristics of your new bag for daily use, you have to ask yourself: what do you like?

Of course, some geographical regions do not favor elegant clothes and modern accessories.

But if you are a business-minded man and your eyes are set on reaching the top, choose what makes you feel like the man you are or want to be.

If that means using black and polished leather, then so be it.

In the same way, if you work at an elegant office area, but you feel more connected with robust pieces of untreated leather, then go ahead, no matter what others think.

You can buy the most functional bag in the world, but if you hate the way it looks, you’re never going to use it. So make sure you choose something that you feel motivated to use before leaving your house.

The design elements

Even when comparing two men’s bags in the same category (for example, briefcases), they can look very different based on variable design characteristics.

Depending on the appearance you want to achieve, here are some elements to consider:


  • Fine leather, smooth or suede
  • Solid black or dark brown
  • Minimalist design
  • Elegant metal finishes


  • Durable leather or textile
  • Any color or pattern (especially geometric or small, repeating patterns)
  • Many compartments
  • Basic and functional fittings


  • Thick leather, heavy canvas
  • Earth tones
  • Practical belts, buckles, suspenders and heavy seams
  • Robust hardware


  • Leather or high-end plain textiles
  • Dark and elegant in general, with bursts of color
  • Interesting details and “extras”
  • Striking metal fittings
Addey Supply Company Leather Messenger Bag
Addey Supply Company Leather Messenger Bag
LAORENTOU Men Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag
LAORENTOU Men Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag

Mens bags options for the daily use

Formerly, men woke up, went to the office or factory, and then went home to have a hot meal. That is not the case these days. It is not uncommon for the modern man to go to the gym in the morning, take a shower, go directly to work, attend classes at night, go out and have a drink with the guys and then go home to sleep. With this hustle and bustle of modern life, it is important to be able to comfortably carry all the essentials.

And just as each man’s life is different, so will be the tasks that he entrusts to his everyday bag.

Laptop sleeve

If you can carry almost everything in your pockets and prefer to go out for lunch instead of carrying plastic containers, you should not complicate carrying an overly large bag.

All that the sophisticated minimalist needs is a simple portfolio to protect his electronic equipment.


If you work in a business environment where it is common the use of suits , the indicated option is a briefcase. Use your own criteria to select one that matches the level of formality you want.

Darker colors are more elegant than lighter shades, leather is more appropriate than textiles for business, and in terms of sophistication, a thin profile is better than a square and scruffy silhouette. You can check this guide to select the proper briefcase.

Messenger Bags

Like all things that become popular, they have received lately a bad review. The messenger leather handbags caused a furore in the 2000-2010 decade, resulting in many bad taste options entering the scene, ending the reputation of the entire genre.

It is better to think of them as a suitcase, less formal but more practical.

They are not the best thing to take to the conference room, but they are much more sophisticated than a backpack.

Travel Bags – Duffle

For someone who spends a lot of time away from home, investing in a good duffle will provide great benefits.

Do not make the mistake of being overloaded by carrying multiple bags for the different activities you need to do during the day, unless absolutely necessary.

Simply take your multiple purpose everyday bag and fill it with everything your activity requires.

Tote Bags

Totes are ideal for creatives who need to bring diverse materials from one place to another. These bags are sturdy and you can place large items, such as rulers and other materials for artists. However, as this style is often associated with grocery shopping and what your girlfriend brings to the beach, wearing a tote can be risky.

So that you do not seem to be carrying your partners bag, make sure to choose one that infuses a lot of masculinity, taking into account its materials, colors and design details.

For example, the options that I propose below are more similar to a mason’s tool bag than to a female bag.


The word “backpack” brings to mind images of high school corridors and summer camp trips.

For many style enthusiasts, backpacks are practically prohibited. However, I prefer that functionality be the one that defines the form. In this way, although they are not the most sophisticated option, backpacks undoubtedly have an important place in a man’s wardrobe.

To end

I don’t know if this works for everyone, but I feel much better at the beginning of the day if I am well prepared and I have everything in order.

So I really recommend that you choose a bag that makes you want to pack your things for the next day and thus is more likely to keep you organized.