How to buy the right leather jacket?

In the last fifty years, the leather jacket has evolved, going from being an article used only by the boys of the biker gangs to become one of the most versatile garments a man can have, to use casually with your skinny jeans over the weekend, or to wear it over your shirt and tie to go to the bar after work. In short, it is a piece that you’ll use a lot once you have it in your closet, so it is worth choosing it well.

Buy real leather

Artificial leather jackets are an excellent alternative, but they don’t last long and don’t look as good when they start to wear out. Real leather jackets, on the contrary, can be a little more expensive, but they are practically eternal garments, which means that you will get the most out of every dollar you pay for it.

Select Leather wisely

The kind of leather you’re going to buy your jacket from is something you need to analyze. The skin will determine the appearance  and durability of the jacket. If you want something stiff for a more structured look, choose one that is cow leather, while if you want something thinner and less structured, you better select a sheep leather.

What style of leather jacket is right for you?

Buy the right leather jacket and possibly it will last your whole life and improve with each use. Therefore, it is important to choose it carefully. Here are five different styles for you to consider.

Motorcycle jacket

This is perhaps the style that emerges in the minds of most men when thinking of a leather jacket, immortalized by Brando in the Wild Ones. With a bell neck and large flaps, the front zipper usually opens at an angle to form a single flap. This is probably the most casual style and it gets better with jeans. To prolong its life, look for models that are not overloaded with buckles, zippers and other glitzy hardware pieces.

Genuine Lambskin Biker Black Leather Jacket for Men

Bomber jacket

Most popular leather jacket with simple neck, front and zippered pocket, plus cuffs and elastic basses. Smarter than a cyclist, this is probably the safest choice for most men.

BGSD Men's Classic Suede Leather Bomber Jacket

Landing Leathers Men's WWII Suede Leather Tanker Jacket

Racer Jacket

The minimum style of the runner (so called by his association with the motorcycle races) has a small brooch or has no neck at all and the bottom and fists are smooth instead of elastic. It is perhaps the most elegant style: it looks good in black, brown or, in fact, in other colors. However, as is usually adjusted, some extra pounds at the waist can mean danger.

Lambskin Motorcycle Mens Leather Jackets

Distressed Genuine Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Aviator Jacket

Lined in sheepskin, originally designed to prevent the air aces of the First World War freeze in the open cabins of their biplanes. The leather lining means that they are winter jackets and this leather lining can make you look very voluminous.

A2 Navy Flight Men Distressed Brown Genuine Leather Aviator Bomber Jacket

Fatigue Jacket

Longer than other leather jackets, this style is very relaxed and can be buttoned or worn with zipper, or often both ways. It dresses more than a biker jacket and carries less hardware. The perfect jacket for outdoor use, in the field or walking the dog. This is definitely a piece that will improve the more hit it gets, but it’s probably the least adaptable style.

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