8 leather sneakers for training and something else

We are obsessed with leather sneakers. Whether you call them «tennis shoes» or «sports shoes», we can agree that we never have enough. You used to have a pair of sneakers strictly for running and then others to go for a walk, but now those lines are erasing and we are using the running shoes with our favorite pair of jeans and we go to the street to face the day. Yes, we’re supposed to keep our running shoes just to run, but we can not help it.

If you are willing to buy new sneakers, right now can be the perfect time to make your purchase. It’s not about buying a car in this case, it’s okay to spend a little money and get a taste now when, you know … we really need them. And also, remember that they must have that touch of leather.

From running shoes or tennis shoes to designer shoes, going through the latest trends, but always with the presence of leather, we have put together some of the most popular men’s models this season.

YONEX Power Cushion Eclipsion

The Russel double mesh upper makes this one of the lightest shoes and the breathable leather makes it one of the most durable on the market. Comfort, style, performance and protection are the hallmarks of this great leather sneaker. The Guard Durable Skin system ensures that your shoe does not lose its shape and prevents your feet from slipping on the shoe.

The EVA midsole has a mechanical three-layer cushioning system to allow the shoe to move with the foot, providing the stability and comfort you need, adding another level of comfort to your shoe. The ToughBrid Light engineering is what makes this shoe so light and durable. Molecular alignment provides a great response to the shoe when you move and will maintain its shape no matter how much punishment it suffers.

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion
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PUMA Mens Alexander McQueen Brace Mid Athletic

Alexander McQueen’s theatrical daring and exquisite craftsmanship remain in these Puma leather sneakers, which add another dimension of portability to the controversial silhouettes of the designer.

Instantly recognizable by their design, these Puma athletic shoes with Alexander McQueen house design in white, black leather and violet fabric detail will take your look to the next level. These lace-up sneakers feature a branded embossed tongue, round toe, padded midsole for comfort, and high traction white rubber outsole. You can combine them with denims for a discreet look or wear tight chino pants.

Puma Alexander McQueen
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FENDI Monogram Logo

Get ready for Fendi’s logomania this season. From extravagant sneakers to colored block sandals, the brand tries to make things functional and fashionable. Made in Italy, these beige leather trainers with FF motifs feature a branded insole, a logo patch on the tongue, a lace-up front fastening, an almond tip, a reflective trim and a bubble with the name Fendi on the heel.

Fendi Beige
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Common Projects is a brand of high-end sneakers well known for its minimalist design. The shoes have a clean design without any logo. The only ornament is the number stamped in gold foil on the outer heel of each shoe. The three sets of numbers represent style, European size and color.

When you have these sports shoes in your hand and look closely, you can feel that the clothing and materials are top-notch. The one-piece Margom soles look quite strong and durable. Unlike other cheaper shoes, their soles are sewn to the top instead of being glued.

The price is in the high range, but you get a pair of first class shoes with a simple, classic and timeless design.

Common Projects 2200
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ZESPA Men’s ZSP4 Low Top

Zespa is a French brand of luxury shoes founded in 2009. The Zespa ZSP4 look like an improved version of the famous Stan Smith by Adidas with a minimalist design and a slim profile. And like Stan Smith, they come in a variety of colors on the tongue and the top of the heel.

The construction and the material are as good as the original Common Projects shoes. They use Margom soles and Nappa leather for the upper and lining. The inner lining is made of calf leather and is a little thicker in the heel area than in the Common Projects. While you feel more comfortable using them, that gives the shoes a less elegant profile comparing with Common Projects.

If you are looking for a high quality alternative but you don’t want to spend too much money buying Common Projects, this is your choice.

Zespa ZSP4
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These really, really great. They are super sports, with vintage inspiration, and not like the ones we’ve seen recently, so you’ll really distinguish yourself from the crowd. They come in optical white with blue and navy stripes.

Cycleur de luxe Cancun
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ADIDAS Advantage

They are among the most popular Adidas of the year and they are perfect for summer and fall. Furthermore, the padded insole and the removable foam lining make them both cool and comfortable at the same time.

adidas Advantage
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CALVIN KLEIN Men’s Marvin Sneaker

With a contoured structure and subtle details, these chunky Calvin Klein sneakers will enhance your outfit. With a padded insole and a rubber base for traction, suede panels and mesh pieces, they have a laced closure with loops and a sturdy and exaggerated sole for a sporty and durable look.

In addition to the affordable price, Marvin is a shoe that definitely stands out among the options currently available.

Calvin Klein Marvin
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