5 tips to choose the perfect leather bag

All women know that, talking about handbags and shoes, it doesn’t matter how many we have … they are never enough. We often need to buy a bag for ourselves or for someone else, but there is a huge  variety and it is never easy to make a decision. In SoloDeCuero.es we want to help you remembering 5 keys to choose perfect leather bags: the shape of your body, the occasion, the colors, the quality and your style.

The advice we give you is valid for any material, but since we are specialists in leather goods, the products that we show you as an example, are linked to the best suppliers of leather bags from Amazon in America. The products that we show you here are those that, in our opinion, are the best. However you can see them all in the store.

1. How to choose perfect leather bags according to your body

Perfect leather bags according to the type of female figure
These are the five types of most common female figures: rectangular, triangular-inverted, triangular, hourglass and oval.

The first thing we must consider is height. If you’re tall, you’ll look better with a big bag. On the contrary, if you are small, small bags will favor you. To further refine the type of bag that goes with your body, we have to consider the shape it has. The figure on the side shows the most common types of female figures. Most of us fit into one of those patterns or a combination of them.

The key is to choose a bag that harmonizes with the shape of your body, so that they compensate. It is about choosing a bag “opposite your figure”: If you are a tall woman and you have a figure without many curves, you can choose a large and rounded bag, but if you are short and curvy the small, straight bags will come in handy. Avoid putting your bag on the most voluminous part of your body. This way you avoid attention on the areas that you don’t want to highlight.

Bags for Inverted Triangle Type Body

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo triángulo invertido.

If your shoulders are wider than your hips and your waist is not well defined, then your figure is an inverted triangle. It is common for thin women with large breasts. This silhouette is very common among athletes. Some examples are Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore.

Your objective, when choosing a bag, will be to soften the shoulders and strengthen your hips. To do this, choose handbags with long straps on the shoulder or crossed (cross-body), which attract attention to your hips, like these:

You can also use the “Hobo” type, which are those soft and crescent shaped shoulder bags:

And, finally, you also have good hand envelopes with a handle (wristlets):

Bags for Rectangular Body

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo rectangular.

If you have well defined shoulders, about the same width of your hips and little waist, then you have a rectangular body. This is a trend with slim and athletic women, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall or Gisele Bündchen.

When you buy a bag try to choose one that fall at your waist, in order to visually accentuate the curvature. In general, do not use bags that go over your hips. Prioritize the “Hobo” type, which are those soft and crescent shaped shoulder bags:

Bags for Triangle Type Body

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo triangular.If your hips are wider than your shoulders and a well defined waist, then your figure is triangular. It is the type of body that 75% of women have. Some of them with this type of figure are Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Nicki Minaj.

Your goal, when choosing a bag, will be to make your shoulders look wider. To do this, choose bags that you carry in the upper part of your body, above your waist, like the “baguette”, which are those small, rectangular shaped with a small strap that fits just the shoulder:

You can also use the envelopes or “clutches”, which are those rectangular, without handles and of various sizes, that are worn under the arm:

Bags for Oval Type Body

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo oval.

If your shoulders and hips are aligned, and you have a somewhat more prominent waist, then your figure is oval. Some famous with this type of body are Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah and Adele.

If you have this type of silhouette, when you select a bag, your goal is to convey greater slenderness. For this you can look for large bags, with structure, like these:

Bags for Hourglass Body

Bolsos de piel perfectos para cuerpo tipo reloj de arena.

If your shoulders and hips are aligned and you have a marked waist, then you have an hourglass silhouette. Among the celebrities who have this figure include Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara and Jessica Cediel. As your proportions are particularly harmonious, there is a wide variety of bags that go well with your body.

When choosing a bag, your goal is to maintain the proportions of your body. You can choose from a wide variety of options, such as “tote” handbags, which are medium or large in size and have two medium-sized handles:

The “satchel”, which are those school type, rigid structure and short handles to carry them by hand or hanging from the forearm:

The “cross-body” or crossed, which are small bags with a strap or long chain to cross over the body and usually resting on the hip:

The “messenger”, briefcase type, which have a long strap, they are soft structured and have a flap that falls forward:

The “shoulder” bags, which are designed to hang on the shoulder:

And the “hobo” bags, that we already described:

2. How to choose perfect leather bags according to the occasion

You already know that it is very important to choose the types of bags you should carry according to the occasion: a bag for a party is not the same as for going to work. Each bag is suitable for a specific time and place.

Bags for work

According to your type of work, your bag may have different styles, but it must be practical and functional. It is a bag that you may use for many hours and it must be large enough to store everything you need throughout the day. You have to forget about the small bags.

If you are a clerk, you will need your bag to contain everything from your personal items to a report … and everything without mixing to avoid damage. In this case you can use the briefcase type handbags, which are elegant and have different compartments


Bags for going shopping

To go shopping you need a large and functional bag. Unlike those used to work, it has to be less formal. Ideal for those who have a long enough strap to cross over the body, so that your hands are free to touch and see more easily and you feel your portfolio more protected in crowded or unsafe places. The bag has to be big enough to store some of the things you buy or your umbrella or coat, in addition to all our personal things.

You can have a look at these bags:

Bags to Party

To go to a party we will take with us only a few things, like the lipstick and our identification. That’s why we need a small bag, which should be as elegant as our suit for the occasion. The usual choice in this case are small and rectangular bags such as envelopes, clutches, wristlets and miniaudiere.

Clutches are bags of varied size, rectangular and without handle or strap:

Envelopes are similar to a clutch, but the flap closes in front and is triangular:

Wristlets are tiny and have a small strap to wear on the wrist:

And minaudiere are small and rectangular, but stiffer, bulky and ornate:

Travel Bags

To travel, as to go shopping, we need a large bag with a strap long enough to cross over our body. But in this case, it would be ideal if the bag has many compartments, because we need to have on hand things like our identification, tickets, camera, etc.

These are some ideal bags for this purpose:

Gym Bags

Going to the gym means carrying a lot of things, from personal hygiene products to a new change of clothes. To make things worse, when leaving, we will place used clothes and wet towels. It is possible that our bag also has to remain on the floor or in a locker. Taking all this into consideration, you need a very large bag, airy and in dark colors, that can be carried on the shoulder.

In this case, you can choose useful handbags like these:

Daily Bags

The most important factor to take into account when choosing a daily bag is your personal style. However, some factors to consider are:

  • Material: It must be a durable material, such as leather or canvas, so that it supports the daily routine.
  • Color: Very light colors should be avoided, so that marks and stains are not easily seen.
  • Size: Very large or very small sizes should be avoided, so that it allows to carry what is required every day, and eventually something else.
  • Shape: Must adapt to our daily dress style and our body.

Maybe you like any of these:

3. How to choose the perfect leather bag according to its color

If you use them properly, the colors of a bag can help you to highlight your costume. These are some elements to take into account:

  • If you need a bag or purse to take anywhere and in any occasion, you should lean towards neutral colors such as black, brown or white, in any of its shades: black, beige, gray, silver, raw, white, camel , navy blue, brown, brown, etc. Generally, with these tones, your clothes will not lose prominence.
  • Mujer de negro con bolso rojoOn the other hand, if you dress in a single neutral color, a bag of bright colors will highlight the whole. For example, carry a red handbag when you dress all in black.
  • Occasionally, fashion imposes bright colors or patterns as a trend … If it goes with your style, use them.
  • Remember that you no longer have to combine the bag with your shoes, but with your overall appearance. If your bag has several colors, choose one of them for your shoes.

Here we show you a list of bags by colors, which we hope will be useful:

Bags in brown tones

These bags are in  brown tones: cream, beige, coffee, toasted, ocher, sepia, sand, caramel, etc.

Bags in yellow tones

These are yellow bags, light orange bags, etc.

Bags in black tones

These are bags in black, gray, silver, etc.

Bags in blue tones

These are bags in blue tones, light blue, dark blue, light blue, indigo, aqqua, etc.

Bags in red tones

Red colored bags:  red, pink, fuchsia, etc.

Bags in green tones

These are bags of green colors in their different shades.

Bags in purple tones

These are bags of purple colors in their different shades.

Bags in gold tones

These are bags with a golden finish.

4. How to choose perfect leather bags according to their manufacture

Every day we carry our bags full of a multitude of things … those we need and many others that we “might” need. So to the busy daily we add a permanent weight and an intense use. That’s why, if we want our bags to last a few years, we have to start by looking at the straps to be thick and well finished seams.

Zippered bags

You have also to choose the type of closure that suits you. Zippers are safe, but it is necessary to check if they are plastic or metal. The former have a greater variety of colors but the latter tend to be more durable.

Bags with magnetic closure

Other bags have a magnetic closure, which allows opening and closing more quickly but which, for this reason, can be a little less safe.

Buckle bags

Buckle bags are the safest, but they are also very uncomfortable if you have to open and close them several times a day.

Bags made of cloth, canvas and other materials

It is also important that you take the material into account. Among the most commonly used materials are canvas, leather and polyurethane (faux leather, PU leather). We have a special predilection for leather … that’s why our store is called SoloDeCuero.es. We think that Skin is easy to clean, it is pleasant to the touch and, aesthetically speaking, it is a beauty. However, we also offer bags of other materials that are of good quality, like these that we show you below:

The quality of your bag is very important. If you choose well it could last for years. A good advice, if you want to buy a bag for daily use, is to try to choose a quality bag that can last a long time, that is comfortable and light, that has a practical closure, medium size and neutral colors.

5. How to choose the perfect leather bag according to your style

All the tips that we have given you above only serve if they match your personal style. Otherwise, discard them. The bags don’t only go with your body, your clothes and the occasion. They also go according to your personality. That is why, in this section, we have decided to suggest you some bags that we couldn’t include above.

Printed bags

There are many types of prints: flowers for those who feel sweet and tender, animal prints, for those who feel sexy and daring, etc. If you wear a printed bag, it is usually a good idea to use clothes in a single color, with the same tone of the bag and the shoes of one of its colors.


Backpacks are still fashionable. It seems that they are here to stay. They are comfortable and there is huge variety. You can read our tips for choosing a backpack clicking here.

Retro Bags

Our grandmothers bags or those from the 80’s, occasionally return to accompany us.

“Artsy” Bags

These are handbags designed by exclusive artists or with works of art by renowned painters stamped on them.